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We are a complete repair and refurbishment center for your 9030/9031/9040 transtalks. We can repair and refurbish your units to like NEW, in both appearance and performance. If your battery doesn't last, we can provide you with new batteries from our Avaya or aftermarket lines to bring new life to your existing transtalk.
All of our work is backed by a six month warranty * (or an optional 12 or 18-month warranty *).

We also repair and refurbish the 9000 & 9010 transtalks to like new appearance and performance and offer a our standard 3-month warranty, or our optional 6-month warranty. Also backed by a 3-month warranty are repairs and refurbishing on mlc5, mlc6, mdc9000, and 905 portable phones.

All transtalk repair facilities are not the same. Please ask these questions:
  1. Will your transtalk look like new and operate like new when completed?
  2. Do they offer a 6-month, 12-month, or 18-month warranty?
  3. How long will the refurbishing/repair take?

Transtalk Unlimited also sells NEW, REFURBISHED, and PRE-OWNED (tested to 100% functionality) transtalks. We have 9000/9010/9030/9031/9040 transtalks at great prices and warranties, complete with CD-Rom with installation instructions plus user & programming guides.

Transtalk Unlimited stocks ALL transtalk parts & accessories, NEW, refurbished & used, for ALL transtalk models.

Interconnects and Telecomm Techs - Please call for special pricing

We can repair and refurbish AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya wireless transtalks and portable handsets, radio modules, and carriers.

We can REMATCH Non-matching serial numbered handsets & radio modules for ALL transtalk model numbers.

There is no need to buy new when Transtalk Unlimited can save you hundreds of dollars every year by repairing your existing equipment!

  WE BUY TRANSTALKS! Working, non-working, matched, unmatched.

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